Life Line Grab Bars

Secure support with fresh appeal.

The Life Line Collection is a unique selection of products that will make your bathroom a much safer environment. Combined with simple installation, this makes our Life Line Collection the #1 choice for designers & remodelers.

  • Features corrosion resistant 1.25” dia. x 18 gauge heavy duty stainless steel.
  • Mounting hardware included for both hollow walls and stud or blocked walls.
  • Meets and exceeds ADA & ANSI standards (500 lbs)
    – Not including Soap Basket with Grab Bar (250 lbs)

Installation instructions:

  1. Remove contents from box.
  2. Pre-assemble the flanges to the bar.
  3. Place Life Line Grab Bar on the wall in your desired location.
  4. Mark the 2 elongated holes on each flange base.
  5. Insert the 4 togglers (included) into the 4 holes.
  6. Snap the excess plastic tabs.
  7. Remove the 2 flange bases from the Grab Bar by loosening the 3 set screws in each flange post.
  8. Slide the concealed flange covers over the Life Line Grab Bar posts.
  9. Place the flange bases on the wall aligning the elongated holes in the flange base with the inserted togglers.
  10. Attach flange bases using the 4 machine screws (included), tighten and secure.
  11. Slide the Life Line Grab Bar posts over the flange base previously attached to the wall.
  12. Tighten all set screws.
  13. For applications where in-wall wood backing or wall studs are present, please use the stainless steel wood screws (included) in place of the togglers.

Available Colors

Available Colors | Life Line

Other finishes are available upon request.

The Life Line Collection:

Tub/Shower Valve Ring Grab Bar | Life Line

Tub/Shower Valve Ring Grab Bar

Series: LL-2010

The Tub/Shower Valve (3/4 circle grab bar) mounts around the shower valve and allows you to enter and exit the tub/shower with ease, lending a stable hand while showering.

Toilet Paper Holder Semisphere Grab Bar | Life Line

Toilet Paper Holder Semisphere Grab Bar

Series: LL-2020

This half circle grab bar/toliet paper combo mounts conveniently beside your toilet and offers a stable hand as well as the convenience of having toilet paper incorporated into the center arm.

Designer Toilet Paper Holder Grab Bar | Life Line

Designer Toilet Paper Holder Grab Bar

Series: LL-2030

The dual functioning design of this Designer Grab Bar combines strength with the convenience of a toilet paper holder. The simplicity of its style and features will compliment any bathroom decor.

Towel Bar Grab Bar | Life Line

Towel Bar Grab Bar

Series: LL-2040

A grab bar and a towel bar combined into one unique piece. This combo unit can be mounted on your bathroom wall or in your shower and offers that stable secure hand when reaching for towels or washcloths.

Shampoo Shelf Grab Bar | Life Line

Shampoo Shelf Grab Bar

Series: LL-2050

This unique grab bar incorporates support for safe being and also functions as a shelf for shampoo and other toiletries. Furthermore the innovative shelf features a removable tray that resists mold and mildew for easy cleaning.

Soap Basket Grab Bar | Life Line

Soap Basket Grab Bar

Series: LL-2060

Beautiful and stylish, the intelligent design of this grab bar/soap basket combo keeps you well organized and safe with soap near by and readily available.

Wave Grab Bar | Life Line

Wave Grab Bar

Series: LL-2070, LL-2080, LL-2090

The Wave Grab Bar (mounted horizontally or vertically) is very unique and debonair. Its smart design is both sound and secure as well as stylish. Fashioned with a subtle wave like bend, its one of a kind modern look is both pleasing to the hand and eye.

Sweeping Grab BarSweeping Grab Bar | Life Line

Sweeping Grab Bar

Series: LL-2100

The gentle curve of this stylish grab bar provides an aesthetically pleasing look as well as a completely functional grab bar. We have specifically located the two mounting points at 16” on center. This allows additional ease in mounting on wall studs.

Corner Shelf Grab Bar | Life Line

Corner Shelf Grab Bar

Series: LL-2200

This unique shelf blended with an 1-1/4” curved grab bar incorporates a shelf for shampoo and other toiletries. The removable tray’s surface is mold and mildew resistant. But to complete a custom look, cut and secure a piece of matching tile.

SkyLine Grab Bar | Life Line

SkyLine Grab Bar

Series: LL-2310, LL-2320, LL-2330

Fashioned with clean modern lines, the Skyline Grab Bar can be mounted horizontally or vertically. This unique grab bar has a very smart design which is both sound and secure as well as stylish. Its one of a kind look has both a pleasing feel and appearance.

Combination Towel Bar & Sweeping Grab Bar | Life Line

Combination Towel Bar & Sweeping Grab Bar

Series: LL-2400

The newest in our series, this bar combines two favorites, our sweeping bar and our towel bar. Now, Life Line gives you even more options to keep your bathroom looking stylish, and keeping you safe.